Our Rooms

Planned activities in our Baby Room revolve around supporting the prime areas of learning; Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal Social and Emotional development. Babies will enjoy messy and creative play, sensory and heuristic play as well as listening to music, singing songs, tummy time and playing outdoors.

We provide nappies, milk and food, so you don’t need to worry about making any preparations before arriving at nursery. We are a breast feeding friendly nursery and will support mothers returning to work who still wish to breast feed.  When your child is walking steadily and we agree they are ready for the next room we will begin short visits to the toddler room.

This bright and airy space has direct access to the outdoors which is vital for children of this age to be able to use their energy and test out their schemas as they find out what their bodies can do.

Carefully planned spaces allow children to move between the areas exploring, experimenting and recreating experiences; these areas include construction, creative, role play, reading and relaxing, sand and water and small world. In addition, focused activities are provided every day.

As toddlers grow they require more and more challenge and it is the job of the practitioners to ensure that activities are adapted to sustain children’s interest and provide opportunities for them to use their newly found skills. Our responsive planning allows us to adapt activities and plan experiences whilst they are still meaningful to the children.

Some of the older toddlers will show an interest in toilet training whilst in this room, when the time is right, we will work closely with you to ensure that this process is a smooth one.

When they are ready to move to preschool we will begin the short visits upstairs.

In our Pre-School room we encourage and support self-help skills, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. In addition, specific group time teaching and learning takes place such as ‘Letters and Sounds’ which supports early phonics in readiness for school.

The adjoining physical development room is used for full group or small group activities throughout the day, giving children plenty of space and opportunity to be active.

Preschool have their own dining room which really does help to prepare them for the initially overwhelming experience they have at school when they have to leave their classroom at lunch time. The children help to set the tables, pour their water and serve their own food. Practitioners support, encourage and praise the children at every stage. We aim for mealtimes to be a pleasant ‘family style’ experience and an opportunity to have discussions, learn about the food and enjoy the company of friends.

Schools often comment that our children leave us confident and well prepared for school. When it is time for children to move to school, we aim to make contact with their new teacher in order that we can ensure the school has all the information they need to help children settle. We talk to children about their new upcoming adventure in a very positive way and focus many activities on ensuring children are emotionally prepared for this vital next stage.

We love to get outside at Holyrood, where we have a large outdoor play area for children to find opportunities to get fresh air and have fun in a safe and secure area. Our extensive outdoor area has plenty of activities which children of all ages enjoy, our large wooden train, wheel barrows, mud kitchen and climbing frame are their favourites! We even have an individual baby garden so the little ones can enjoy the outdoors too!